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This week: time for a U-Turn

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It’s safe to say that things are looking up and moving forward this week. Mercury is out of retrograde in Scorpio from Friday 7th December, swiftly followed by the teacher and wounded healer planet Chiron in Pisces also makingawelcome U-turn so any issues linked to suspicion, deception, despair, money, sex and power will begin to be sorted out now, and you’ll emerge from recent confusing situations wiser with lessons learned for the future

Mighty Mars links to ‘blur the lines’ planet Neptune, also in Pisces, this week. There could be strong emotions unleashed, but hold that thought and choose your time and place to release any kind of upset, rather than right there and then, overwhelming thoughthe feeling to do so might be.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 6th December casts its energy not just over the week ahead but over the next six months too. What you start on or around this date has extra potential to become huge - that novel, the travel plan, the fitness routine, the social media blog - with expansive Jupiter in the mix. So why waste time procrastinating? Get on the case!

It’s going to be a fascinating week, so check your individual horoscope or CLICK HERE to order a personal horoscope to make more sense of what the planets have in store for you. 


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