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This week: Find the meaning to life

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It’s a full moon week, with luscious lunar activity highlighting money-oriented materialistic, pleasure-loving yet practical concerns linked to the sign of Taurus on Wednesday 24th October. If your sign or rising sign is Taurus you may feel this influence most strongly, but whatever your sign is you’re sure to feel the effect to some degree in one area of your life.

The Sun, meanwhile, shifts into sultry Scorpio on the same day for a month-long stay. Scorpio is directly opposite Taurus on the astrological wheel, and tends to influence the more intense side of Taurus, so expect more activity with passion, power, intimacy, sex, and joint financial concerns over thenext four weeks.  This is all the more likely with four planets in Scorpio - the energising Sun, mind planet Mercury and expansive Jupiter, plus Venus the planet that rules Taurus (and love and money) somewhat lacking in power while it’s currently retrograde or in reverse.

Things could get out of proportion or you could have uncanny insights into why you’re doing what you do – in life, with work, in love or all three – and see a clear way to cut through the trappings of success or of the pressure of 'owning things' to get to the heart of what really makes you tick and spurs you on in life. It’s really not all about love and/or money, or what you own, there has to be more than that and this is the time for you to analyse your motives and your strengths and go for it.

There’s a lot of stubborn energy this week too, with key planets in the Fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. With Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn alongside volatile Pluto, tenacity and holding your ground seems to be the way forward, but with a little wacky ingenuity and breaking the mould thrown in for good measure, care of quirky Uranus in (usually) steadfast Taurus, to keep things interesting and lighten the load.

So it’s likely to be a fascinating week, so check your individual horoscope or CLICK HERE to order a personal horoscope to make more sense of what the planets have in store for you. 


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